Brand insight and audits

Understand how your brand is executed and perceived to drive your strategy.


Get an invaluable customer and consumer eye view of your brand.

When you combine a true view of what your customer or consumer sees at the point of purchase with what they think, you’ll have access to powerful information that’ll help you sell more. And we know exactly how to get that information, whether you want a qualitative or quantitative snapshot or a regular read.

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What the customer thinks

Customers are key to helping your brand sell more. We look at how they execute your products in their outlet – and determine the ways in which you can get more brand advocacy from them. Our services include:

  • Learning what they think about your brand so you can help them sell more
  • Using personal feedback from them to establish and improve sentiment
  • Digital, crowd and skilled auditing to suit any need

What the consumer thinks

Although customers are key to helping you get sales, it's consumers who define your success. We’ll show you how they view your products and experience your brand – giving you the insight to shape how you market, display and sell through:

  • Consumer crowds to give a true view of their thoughts
  • Mystery shoppers to give a quantitative and qualitative insight
  • Digital and online questionnaires to give a large sample of insight

How it’s executed

We all know that the execution of your brand can make or break a sale. We capture insight on availability, visibility, display and price of your products – in any location – to give you the knowledge you need to make positive changes. We’ll:

  • Establish how well your product is executed vs your competitors
  • Investigate at the times of the day or week you feel you have execution challenges
  • Gather insight in places your field team doesn’t reach

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